Friday, February 12, 2010

Taking a Break

I hope I don't disappoint anyone, but I am skipping this week's book excerpt. In honor of Valentine's Day, I am sharing a love letter with you.

For my Husband,
I couldn't sleep last night, so I spent a great deal of time praying...for our children, our family, our friends, even for those people suffering whom we don't even know. During that time, I cried over the heartache of a friend who has stopped communicating, other friends who are living through some life's greatest challenges and the idea that there is so little I can do. Out of the darkness, you heard my quiet tears and asked "Is everything okay?"

In the light of the day, I pondered, "Is everything okay?" You have spent countless hours the last few weeks with your Aunt who has Alzheimers...given up time to keep her from being alone. You have cooked for her and even today, you made heart shaped cupcakes to celebrate Valentine's Day with her.

"Is everything okay?" Our lives have been in turmoil with jobs lost and changed, money running short, a daughter trying to make serious life decisions and washing machines that just don't work properly. And it's supposed to snow!

"Is everything okay?" Haiti is in ruins, our government is out of control and I wonder if we'll ever build a house, with the economy failing.

God tells us that He will always provide. I think most often, in my weak character, I view that provision as financial, material and food on the table. Today, He is showing me a new provision. He provided you. With your willingness to help anyone who needs it, you continuous sense of humor that makes me laugh every single day, your positive spirit, your compassion and concern, your willingness to sacrifice even when not asked, your love for our children even though they're not technically your own and all of the moments when you make me realize that I am seriously loved.

So, yes, Everything is's okay because you help make it so. It's okay because no matter what life delivers, we are together, with our family and friends, and all of those people with whom God has chosen to bless us.

Thanks for asking, sweet husband.

Your wife

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